Friday, October 9, 2009

(Syncopated) Beats, Bagels, & (Assorted) Baked Goods

I've been on a weird music phase as I've been alternating between Bob Marley, K'naan, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, and a sundry assortment of electronic or dance music. I've found myself rocking out on the MRT and the buses, which makes me look a little funny, but I've found it's a rather effective guard against a whole people group set in their personal space invading ways.

The sweet mix of a steady electronically produced beat has brought simple pleasure to my wandering and I have been reorganizing some of my playlists to make them either public transit friendly or a lack of sunshine pick me up...who doesn't enjoy a little sunshine inspired music or electronic dance music every now and then?

Life has been a little soggy lately as it has rained for the past 1.5 weeks. However, it finally stopped raining on Wednesday and the sun came out for a few minutes on Friday. The 5 minutes of glorious sunshine made Friday lovely and recharged my drained reserves of Vitamin D.

Aside from my musical adventures, I've also had some baked good adventures...I found a bagel store and practically overdosed on bagels and then walked down the street to a bakery where I tried a smattering of rolls, buns, and loaves. It's been a good food week (clearly a week filled with carbs).

This week marked a transition in available fruit at my favorite fruit stand as the persimmon season is now coming to a close and the peach season is in full swing. I'm in fruit heaven here! Picture me walking down the street with my ipod playing some sort of inspirational fruit shopping music and me perusing an insane collection of delicious's truly fantastic!

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Sue said...

Oh I love fruit shopping music and sunshine! Remember the days on I10 somewhere in Mississippi, late in the afternoon of the 2nd hard day of driving with no end in sight I would tell the 2 fidgety widgets in the back seat of the Lincoln that I needed a break and Wee Sing got ejected and for 2 hours Bruce and Cher so overpowered the car we had to roll the windows down? Screamin Banshee Rock and Roll! Oh for ear buds and ipods then! ha! Love you! You bring my music now..